In 2016 Techno Tube acquired equipment for the production of welded stainless steel elbows. Elbows are made from short pieces of welded stainless steel tubes. That solution has helped us to improve significantly the processing of strips into finished products.

Manufacture of elbows has several stages:

  1. Preparation of pieces on the pendulum bandsaw
  2. Shaping the elbow on Elbow Cold Forming Machine
  3. Processing elbows edges on Elbow Double Beveling Machine
  4. Grinding and polishing of elbows in a centrifuge and vibratory finishing machine
  5. Marking elbows (only matt) on electronic marking machine
  6. Packing elbows made in shrink packaging machine

We produce welded stainless steel curves

diameter from 22 to 108 mm
wall thickness from 1.5 to 5 mm